Piotr Woroniec

He was born in Poland, in 1955. For nine consecutive years he was awarded the First or the Second Prize at the Annual Juried Open Art Competition in Krosno, Poland. He worked as an assistant stage designer for the Kreatur Theater in Berlin from 1992 till 1999. He lives and works in Brzozow, Poland, and participates in international exhibitions in Europe and in the United States.
"Monuments accumulate patina, images wash out,
paper fades and my sculptures crack dry"
"Poetry forged in wood. If I am not inspired by a piece, it will be a failure.
I have no patience to be perfect. I find a sketch more expressive then a
perfectly executed drawing"
St Sebastian
carved polychrome wood, 18"


carved polychrome wood

Madonna and Child
carved polychrome wood, 10"

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